Turn the other cheek

Lately a few things have been starting to set my teeth on edge.

Each of these things that cause a problem, when I dig deep, turns out to be a problem I have with myself or failure to act. I’ll give a couple of examples.

First of all, people who think Torah is a set of instructions that we should still observe but then choose to think it is OK to either ignore part of them or re-write them (making up their own version of the ‘law;). I will be the first to say, OK there are some parts of the Torah we cannot do because, for example, we do not have the priests needed for some actions. I often speak to various people who will argue various points ranging from ‘the old law was done away with at the cross’ to ‘we keep the Torah’ but do not do the most simple of Torah Mitzvot like wearing Tzitzit, keeping Shabbat a holy and work free day or revering the name of YHWH.

The real problem here is not these individuals view points or beliefs, it is my failure to step up and offer correction.

But isn’t that judging? Are we not told to be kind and humble?

I should say, again, following Torah is not a salvation issue however it is the fruit of salvation. John says ‘sin is transgressing the law’, so it is hard for me to say knowingly breaking the law is OK.

We are called to be set apart, to love our creator and our brother. Is not correcting a brother and bringing him back to the word showing love? The word says a clever man accepts rebuke lovingly. Obviously I am not talking about wading in with a hammer, but loving correction that has been prayerfully considered.

However, even then I remain silent. Usually I do not feel qualified to speak up. I feel that either I have not known the person for long enough or I don’t want to offend or cause a fight. Sometimes I just do not want to rock the boat.

A good example of this is my Facebook page. Generally I use my FB page to promote YHWH and His Torah. There are a few people who disagree with what I post sometimes and let me know by saying so on my page. I get really annoyed. Typing this out I can see how silly my getting annoyed is. I think ‘hey, if you don’t like it. don’t come and read it!’, or ,’I don’t come to your page and argue!’. It’s silly really. But, even feeling it is silly is still useless, I should be prepared to argue the case on behalf of YHWH and His word. Instead I tend to ignore the comment and move on but this achieves nothing. I should say, I receive much, much more positive feedback than negative and I find this very encouraging as it shows me the YHWH is revealing His heart to more and more people.

I have decided to speak up more, it really doesn’t matter what people think of me. It’s the word that’s is being misrepresented not me.

There is a domino effect as work today of what people say and do as regards to our creator asks us to do. People will say they believe in G-d but will not believe in the whole bible, or they will say they believe in the whole bible but ignore Deut 4 or they will say they believe in Deut 4 and choose to believe some areas are removed/done away/re-modeled in the ‘new’ covenant.

I stand by and twiddle my thumbs. This is not ok.

I am only a few months into Torah. It has been said that I am too young in this to really have a valuable opinion or know what I am talking about.. and that’s OK, maybe they are right. I do not ever profess to be a teacher. I simply sit and bang out a post every now and again on whatever YHWH has put on my heart. If people read it than that is an honor.. if they gain anything good from it then that is down to YHWH guiding my words and anything good they read is of Him and not me. Just like my Facebook page, people are free to not read. But, even I with my small time walking in ‘the way’ do believe that Deut 4 is truth and as such I believe that Yes is Yes and No is No. All of the bible is valid and we should do all and whatever we can to walk as our creator asks us to.

I am also aware that if I see a brother Sin (transgress the law) and do not rebuke him his blood is on my hands.






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